Coming in 2022! A NEW 20 song project part of a box set. 1st song preview NOW. ROCK to The Revelators-"SLUDGE"

For Immediate Release: Spring/Summer 2021. Stream NOW the first full length documentary movie about The band and their Prison concert Ministry. Make some Popcorn and CRANK it up!! Todd Anthony Joos and The Revelators - "WAITING...NOT SLEEPING"

"RONA SESSIONS 2020" - 10 song solo album project by Todd Anthony Joos. Listen Now! Available Soon!

During the lovely Pandemic year of 2020 I found myself off the road from touring and in the recording studio writing and recording more new music. These sessions can be broken down into two specific time periods this year that produced a total of 5 songs each. So I now have the 10 songs that I feel really make a good solid album. The style tends to be more acoustic guitar driven and overall I guess I would say the sound is a bit more earthy and therefore definitely derived from the dirt of this year, good and bad. What I NEED from Y'all is this. I have NO IDEA at all what order these songs should be placed in 1-10!! I also really don't know what title to give this new album. I really don't want to call it Rona Sessions, lol... I also need with the title a cover concept. So I am ready to hear what ALL Y'ALL think!! I realize this is opening a whole can of worms that I may regret ever opening!! But what the heck, let's do this LOL.... I've got AJ listening and working on things and I'll pass your ideas onto him too. The soundcloud link above has been simplified with ALL 10 tracks on this playlist. The New 5 just completed are the first 5 in the list and songs 6-10 are from the very first Rona sessions earlier in the year. The musician credits break down like this.

AJ Hauser

appears on Guitar on "Give Me Back My Song" and "No Guarantee".

Eric Poe

appears on Bass Guitar for 5 songs.

James J Jones

appears on Drums for All 10 songs.

And me (Todd Anthony Joos) on All Vocals, Acoustic & Electric and slide guitars, Mandolin, Bass, Piano, Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer Piano, Strings, Harmonica. Ok, I ALWAYS LOVE hearing from each and every one of YOU! So sit back, listen as you can, make some notes and hit me up with your ideas! Email me at

God Bless each of you during this Christmas season. I send you much Love and Hope for the coming New year 2021

NEW Documentary Video! "RECLAIMING THE FAMILY" Todd Anthony Joos and The Revelators - May 2020

Hey Y'ALL!! A few hello's & words of encouragement from Todd and The Rev's. STOMPIN' THE RONA SPRING 2020!!!!


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